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Asian World Film Fest Asian World Film Fest

Philippines Short Film Day

Directed by Various Directors

Short Film, Signature Screenings / Philippines, USA / 2017 / Tagalog with English subtitles

Philippines Film Day

October 27, 2018 3:00 PM


For 2018, AWFF is proud to announce a special program of short films celebrating the best of Asian and Asian American Cinema, including a Young Filmmakers Program and a series of short films representing the very best from Saudi Arabia and the Philippines.

SHABU – 10:00 min.
Director: Kiersten Villanueva
Writer: Krista Tamares
Producer: Helene Hollidge
Cast: Trisha Molina, Mason Moghimi, Denisse Bon

WHO TO LOVE – 10:00 min.
Director: Rommel Andaya
Writer: Michael Kuya
Producer: Michael Kuya, Rommel Andaya
Cast: Michael Kuya, Aina Dumlao, Anna Pan

BOXED – 8:24 min.
Director: Nicole Dizon
Producer: Nicole Dizon
Featuring: Marcelina Rodriguez, Anthony Ocampo, Sylvia Dizon

I’M OKAY – 6:47 min.
Director: Sammie Villanueva
Producer: Kuya Paul Abesamis
Cast: Arlyn Dela Pena, Dylin Rodrigo

Director/Writer: Ryan Michael Connolly
Producer: Christopher Aguilar, Ryan Michael Connolly
Cast: Christopher Aguilar, Marilyn Tokuda, Emilio Mcpherson, Jayson Glick

PROMISE (PANGAKO) – 9:55 min.
Director: Christian Paolo Lat
Writer: Blasgil Tanquilut, Derek Ramsay
Producer: Warren Allen Carman
Cast: Derek Andrew Ramsay, Andy Defraim Cerillo, Rhederiee Orjaliza, Ruth Lopez Dee, Elan

ACT LIKE A WOMAN – 14:57 min.
Director: Drama Del Rosario
Featuring:  Angel Qinan

NO REGRETS – 8:24 min.
Director/Producer: Rommel Andaya
Writer: Rommel Andaya, Michael Kuya
Cast: Melissa Jane Rodriguez, Michael Kuya, Tony Garbanzos, Jeff Gadigan, Mary Grant, Lora

MANGO STICKY RICE – 15:21 min.
Director: Mallorie Ortega
Writer: Naomi Iwamoto
Producer: David Liu, Sharon Park
Cast: Mina Son, Christopher Park, Jennifer Soo, George Tsai

LEGACY – 5:57 min.
Director/Writer: Ashleigh Coffelt
Producer: Ashleigh Coffelt, Courtney Birk
Cast: Michael Kuya, Arlyn Dela Pena, Val Victoria

INGAT, NANAY – 5:57 min.
Director/Producer: Joanne Ducot
Featuring: Carmelita Ducot, Rey Ducot

I WON’T MISS YOU – 19:00 min.
Director: Bernard Badion
Writer: Joy Regullano
Producer: Joy Regullano, Bernard Badion
Cast: Joy Regullano, Kelly Sry, Edward Hong, Jully Lee, Will Choi, Kelvin Yee

Dates & Times

Philippines Film Day

October 27, 2018 3:00 PM