The sanatorium 'Aurora', situated next to the mountainous Issykul Lake in the Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan, was built in Soviet times and has not changed since. The sanatorium serves as a mirror of the entire country with all events happening in one day. Often tragic, sometimes comedic, the situations reflect some of the country's main problems today, including the violation of women's rights, poverty, corruption and Chinese expansion.



Genre: Black comedy

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Year: 2018

Duration: 100 minutes

Director: Bekzat Pirmatov

Language(s): Kyrgyz, Russian

Subtitles: English

Producer(s): Ishak Pirmatov

Screenwriter: Bekzat Pirmatov

Cinematographer: Rysbek Bokeev, Erkin Kyshtobaev, Mirlan Satkymbaev

Editor:  Rysbek Bokeev, Erkin Kyshtobaev

Sound: Alexandr Yurtaev

Principal Cast:

Marat Amiraev,

Albina Imasheva,

Bolot Tentimishov,

Baktybek Mamytov.