AWFF Poster 2019

The theme of this year's Asian World Film Festival, which runs from 6 - 14 November 2019, is nature and the environment. Our artwork, produced by Kyrgyz designer Kadyr Batyrkanov, reflects this theme with the three intertwining spirals representing the main forces of nature which gave birth to our planet - earth, sky and water. The images aim to portray the fact that all living things are connected to and dependent on the interaction of each other within the planet's circle of life. Environment protection is the focus of many films, both documentaries and features, exploring a number of important environmental issues from dramatizing the consequences of climate change to the exploitation of earth's natural resources. The Festival firmly believes that cinema can inform worldwide audiences about all environmental concerns and problems occurring on earth today and therefore wishes to use the power of film to help conserve and protect our planet from harm and destruction.

POSTER 2019.png