Jiang Liwei (Huang Xiaoming) is the youngest Special Brigade Squadron leader in the history of the province’s fire brigades. A highly proficient and courageous leader, Jiang Liwei has garnered numerous honors throughout his career. One day, responding to a fire at a hot pot restaurant, a cocky Jiang ignores mission protocols which leads to a gas explosion that kills a young firefighter. He was stripped of his ranks and demoted to Dongshan Squadron, a small and unremarkable squadron in the suburbs, while Ma Weiguo (Du Jiang), his second in command, takes the helm at the Special Brigade Squadron One. The controversial incident has left Jiang Liwei traumatized. He becomes increasingly timid and apprehensive, which led him to be ridiculed by his fellow firemen.


One day, Jiang Liwei and his wife Li Fang (Tan Zhuo) attend their son’s kindergarten sports event where he receives an emergency call from the city’s fire department. There has been an explosion at the Bingang Oil Depot in the city’s port area. All fire brigades in the city and across the province have been mobilized to contain the ensuing fire. Because the port workers are unable to close the valves on a giant oil tank - Tank A01, after the explosion, all the oil flowing through Tank A01 to other pipelines are potentially in danger. Spill fires have reached nearby tanks and the most dangerous chemical tanks. If the fire is not contained in time, the explosion at the chemical tanks area could threaten the lives of millions of people in the city and the province, with its chemicals fallout potentially life-threatening to inhabitants of neighboring countries.


Both Jiang Liwei and Ma Weiguo arrive at the scene of the fire. Ma Weiguo and his Special Brigade Squadron One is tasked to guard the chemical tanks, fighting severe spill fires. When remote water supply is abruptly cut out, firefighter Zheng Zhi (Zhang Zhehan) grabs a foam cannon and sacrifices his life to save his fellow comrades from the encircling fire.


At the water supply station, Captain Xu Xiaobin (Ou Hao), who is in charge of remote water supply, dives into the harbor to clear garbage and debris from the water pump. Though he successfully restores water supply, Xu got caught by undersea foliage and drowns.


Meanwhile in the main battlefield, since the power station is destroyed by the explosions, all valves on Tank A01 must be closed by hand. Jiang Liwei and one of his soldiers Zhou Hao (Gu Jiacheng) volunteer to complete the task. When they are down to the last valve, Jiang persuades Zhou Hao to leave the area. As he closes the last valve, Tank A01 erupts in a last explosion, killing Jiang Liwei in the process. In the end, the fire is put out and disaster is averted.





Country: China



Director: Tony Chan



Producer(s): Andrew Lau, Peggy Lee

Screenwriter: Yu Yanlin


Editor:  Wenders Li, Barfuss Hui

Sound: Phyllis Cheng

Principal Cast:

Huang Xiaoming,

Du Jiang,

Tan Zhuo,

Yang Zi,

Ou Hao,

Zhang Zhehan,

Gu Jiacheng,

Hou Yong