Buffalo boys



During 19th century Java, in a brutal massacre and murder of Sultan Hamza by Captain Van Trach and his Dutch soldiers, Arana, Jamar, and Suwo(the Sultan’s brother and infant sons) flee the country. They end up halfway around the world, in the American Wild West. After working the railroads and learning the cowboy way of life, Arana tells the boys it’s time to return to their homeland and avenge their father’s death.

Back on Indonesian soil, the hunt for their father’s killer begins. Along the way, they meet some villagers including Kiona, the rebellious and beautiful headman’s daughter who Suwo falls for, and soon find out that the treacherous Van Trach still rules the area. Their presence puts the village in danger, quickly turning their quest for revenge into a fight for freedom. With the odds stacked against them, Arana, Jamar, and Suwo use the skills they learned from the wilds of America to face Van Trach and his army in a showdown for justice.



Official Oscar Submission


Director’s Bio:

After 15 years of building industry and producing, Mike Wiluan set his sights on directing a film that is close to his heart. He created the core idea of Buffalo Boys with the intent to utilize his creative skills, resources and vast experience as a producer to bring his idea to the big screen. Mike graduated from the film school of the University of Kent with the intention of becoming a film director but saw the need to build the industry and raise its profile by investing into infrastructure from post production, talent to state of the art sound stages. Currently the CEO of Infinite Studios, a company that been integral in shaping the film industries of South East Asia, Mike has also been an active producer on a number of critically acclaimed TV series and feature films produced for the regional and larger international markets as well as on a few high profile Hollywood productions.