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Cold of Kalandar


Mehmet is a man living with his family in a mountain village in the Black Sea region. He earns his life breeding a few animals, while passionately looking for a mineral reserve on the mountains, but his pursuit is seen useless by his family. Devastated by vain efforts, his hope is renewed with a competition. Mehmet will attend the bull fight held in Artvin, but he returns from Artvin completely lost, once again. This simple story pictures the naive portrait of a touching life, a life struggle in hardship and the relationship between nature, animals and human beings.


Official Submission for Best Foreign Language Film - Turkey

Genre: Drama

Country: Turkey/Hungary

Year: 2015

Duration:  130 minutes

Director: Mustafa Kara

Language(s): Turkish

Subtitles: English

Producer: Nermin Aytekin

Screenplay: Mustafa Kara, Bilal Sert

Cinematographer: Cevahir Sahin, Kursat Uresin

Editor: Umut Sakallioglu, Ali Aga, Serhat Solmaz, Mustafa Kara

Sound: Meric Ersecgen, Daniel Bohm                                                     

Principal Cast:  Haydar Sisman, Nuray Yesilaraz, Ibrahim Kuvvet, Temel Kara

Director's Statement

“Cold of Kalandar” comes out of a pure ‘storytelling passion’, narrating a story in a way far from artificiality, sincerely, realistically and consistently. Our prominent objective is to display little dramas, ordinary stories, family and neighborhood relationships, the relations between nature, animals and human beings in a remote and intact mountain village of the Black Sea region in order to make the modern man feel the subtle meaning of these relationships. Staying loyal to the reality while using technical and esthetical potentials of the cinema is an outstanding feature of this film.