El Clásico is the story of Alan, who is willing to sacrifice everything for the love of his life, Gona. It takes him and his brother Shirwan on a road trip from a small village in Iraq to the football stadium of Real Madrid in Spain. The brothers Alan and Shirwan are little people, living in a town in Kurdish, Iraq. Alan wants to marry his girlfriend Gona, but when her father Jalal finds out about it, he forbids her from marrying a little person and gets the brothers evicted from their home. Alan knows that Gona´s father, who is a shoemaker, is also a big Real Madrid-fan. He has made some special shoes that he dreams of giving to Cristiano Ronaldo. Alan steals the shoes thinking that if he can get them to Ronaldo in Madrid, Jalal will let him marry Gona. Therefore the brothers set out on a road trip to Spain. Their perilous journey through modern day Iraq puts them up against bureaucracy, smugglers and terrorists. Will he manage to give the shoes to Cristiano Ronaldo and will this win him the love of his life?

Followed by Q & A with Director Halkawt Mustafa


Official Submission for Best Foreign Language Film - Iraq

Genre: Drama

Country: Norway, Iraq

Year: 2015

Duration: 97 minutes

Director: Halkawt Mustafa

Language(s): Kurdish

Subtitles: English subtitles

Producer: Halkawt Mustafa

Screenplay: Anders Fagerholt, Halkawt Mustafa

Cinematographer: Kjell Vassdal;

Editor:  Inge-Lise Langfeldt

Music: Trond Bjerknes                                                                            

Principal Cast:  Dana Ahmed, Wrya Ahmed, Kamaran Raof, Rozhin Shar