Shyrakshy. Guardian of the light



The end of the World War II. Soviet soldiers come to a small town in Germany. A lot of buildings are ruined and there are still sounds of bomb explosions and whistling bullets. Young kazakh soldier saves an old civil German man from death and helps him to hide in a safe place.

The old man gives him a bag with the most valuable thing that he has - a portable projector and some films.

30 years later the former soldier became a legendary figure. He travels to small distant villages and pastures to show films. He spent his life travelling from one village to another, from house to house. The children called him Tarzan, because of the film «Tarzan» that they like so much. But professional cinema theaters come to big and small cities replacing our Tarzan to more remote villages. Once he was attacked and killed.




Country: Kazakhstan

Year: 2018

Duration: 90min

Language(s): Kazakh

Subtitles: English

Director: Yermek Tursunov

Producer: Kanat Torebay

Writer: Yermek Tursunov

DOP: Martin Sechanov

Production Designer: Kuat Tleubayev

Production: Kazakhfilm JSC, Tursunov Film

Key cast:

Murat Mukazhanov,

Kuat Tleubayev,

Nina Ussatova,

Alibek Danabai