Hang in There, Kids!


In a secluded indigenous tribe, three children grow up in a remote, mountainous area. They are all very optimistic, energetic and playful, yet troubled by their own family issues. Their handicapped teacher opens an after school program to help them with their schoolwork. The children, deeply touched by her care for the them, want to repay her for her kindness. Upon discovering her beautiful singing voice, they decide to take the tape of her singing to Taipei....How will this trip change their lives forever?


Official Submission for Best Foreign Language Film - Taiwan

Genre: Drama

Country: Taiwan

Year: 2016

Duration: 90 minutes

Director: Chen Jie-Yao

Language(s): Mandarin | Aboriginal

Subtitles: English subtitles

Producer: Chu Ai-Lun

Cinematographer: Ming Wang

Editor: Chien-Chih Chen

Music: Baobu Badulu                                                                                  

Sound Department: Duu-Chih Tu

Principal Cast:   Albee Huang, Buya Watan, Watan Silan, Suyan Pito, Sharon Kao, Mudi, Shih-Huei Tsao

Sales:  ERIC CHOU, +886 919 300 733,


Director's Statement

        As an aboriginal director, I love to address the aborigines’ pressing issues with an easy and humorous, even               teasing tone. This time, through the eyes and the minds of the kids from the tribe, we see their own stories, the         hardships of growing up, and their hopes and dreams. In an isolated and secluded mountain tribe, three boys           with different backgrounds face situations when growing up. In the process, though with some sense of                     helplessness, the aboriginal boys always stay optimistic. With an easy attitude, they try to break free from the             difficulties in life. These children are sweet and naïve. You can’t help but feel for them.