Tu Phi, fresh out of a 15-year prison sentence, meets a lottery-tickets peddler, Thom, a young woman from his village. She convinces him to put his pride aside and return to his ex-wife; at least he won't be homeless. From here, they form a unique friendship. One fine day, Tu Phi wins the lottery; the big jackpot. And this sets off a chain of events through their small peaceful village. When fortune falls into a your lap, is it a blessing? Or is it a curse? Can money buy you happiness?  Will Tu Phi's and Thom's friendship endure?


Genre: Comedy/Drama

Country: Vietnam

Year: 2015

Duration:  95

Director: Dustin Nguyen

Language(s): Vietnamese

Subtitles: English

Producer: Bebe Pham

Screenplay: Nguyen Manh Tuan

Cinematographer: Dominique Periera

Editor: Tran Quoc Bao

Sound: Kantana Vietnam

Principal Cast: Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc, Chi Tai, Thu Trang, Kim Xuan