Laal Kabootar

Laal Kabootar.jpg


Adeel is a cab driver and conman with dreams to leave Karachi and start a new life in Dubai. Aliya Malik is a widow desperate to find and bring justice to the target killers who murdered her husband.
In a circumstantial meeting, the two realise they can help each other. Adeel, through his contacts on the streets, can help Aliya find her husband’s murderer. In exchange, she’ll give him enough money to flee to Dubai. But neither of them realise they’re in over their heads, and so begins an intriguing cat and mouse game through the streets of Karachi.



Genre: Crime Thriller

Country: Pakistan

Year: 2019

Duration: 97 minutes

Director: Kamal Khan

Language(s): Urdu

Subtitles: English

Producer(s): Kamil Chima ; Hania Chima

Screenwriter: Ali Abbas Naqvi

Cinematographer: Mo Azmi

Editor: Kamal Khan

Sound: Taha Malik ; Daniyal Hyatt ; Faiz Zaidi

Principal Cast:

Ahmed Ali Akbar ;

Mansha Pasha ;

Rashid Farooqi