marlina the murderer in four acts

Marlina the Murderer.png


Marlina lives quietly in Sumba until one day a man named Markus and his gang try to rob her house and she kills him. Eventually, she is haunted by Markus, and her life turns in 180 degrees.



Genre: Thriller

Country: Indonesia/France, Malaysia, Thailand

Year: 2017

Duration: 90 min

Director: Mouly Surya

Language(s): Indonesian

Subtitles: English

Screenwriter: Rama Adi, Mouly Surya, Garin Nugroho

Cinematographer: Yunus Pasolang

Editor: Kelvin Nugroho

Music: Yudhi Arfani, Zekhe Khaseli

Principal Cast: Egy Fedly, Dea Panendra, Yoga Pratma