Memories of my Body

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Juno is just a child when his father abandons him in their village of Center Java. Alone now, he joins a Lengger dance center where men shape their feminine appearance and movement. But the sensuality and sexuality that come from dance and bodies, mixed with the violent social and political Indonesian environment, force Juno to move from village to village. Even if on this journey Juno receives attention and love from his dance teachers, his weird aunty, his old uncle, a handsome boxer and a Warok, he still has to face by himself the battlefield that his body is becoming.



Genre: Drama

Country: Indonesia

Year: 2018

Duration: 106 minutes

Director/Writer: Garin Nugroho

Language(s): Indonesia

Subtitles: English

Director/Writer: Garin Nugroho

Producer: Ifa Isfansyah

Co-Producer:Matthew Jordan

Executive Producers:

Christopher Smith

Michy Gustavia

Eddie Cahyono

Panji Prasetyo

Associate Producers: Krishto Damar Alam

Director Of Photography: Teoh Gay Hian

Production Designer: Ong Hari Wahyu

Art Director: Edy Wibowo

Sound Recordist: Dicky Permana

Composer: Mondo Gascaro

Wardrobe & Make Up: Retno Ratih Damayanti

Editor: Greg Arya

Line Producer: Yosi Arifianto

Location Manager: Haryanto

Casting Director: Hendrie Ari

1st Assistant Director:Rukman Rosadi

2nd Assistant Director: Syahril Ismanto

3rd  Assistant Director: Ken Ken

2nd 2nd Assistant Director: Achmad Afdal


Muhammad Khan – Juno

Raditya Evandra – Little Juno

Rianto – The Dancer

Sujiwo Tejo – Lengger’s Teacher

Teuku Rifnu Wikana – The Reageant

Randy Pangalila – The Boxer

Whani Dharmawan – Reog Maestro

Queen Dorotea – The Regeant’s Wife

Endah Laras – Juno’s Aunty

Mbok Tun – Lengger’s Manager

Cahwati – The Reageant’s Singer

Fajar Suharno – Juno’s Uncle

Windarti – Dance Teather

Anneke – The Reageant’s Wife Assistant