Million Loves in me 

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Inspired by a true story and a headline case in Hong Kong, Million Loves in Me begins when Katy, a 45-year old woman, is charged with animal cruelty after the police discover more than a hundred dogs and cats living in her apartment. Following her trial at court, the abnormal lives of Katy and her mother arouse the attention of a neighborhood reporter who starts to investigate their lives. When he discovers all the animals at their apartment, he discloses the matter to the public for the sake of justice. However, after seeing Katy being arrested by the police and devastated by the intense public criticism, he begins to doubt the morality of his own actions......



Genre:  Drama, Comedy

Country:  Hong Kong / Malaysia / Canada

Year:  2016

Duration: 109 minutes

Director:  Sampson Yuen Yun Hong

Languages:  Cantonese & Mandarin

Subtitles:  English

Producers:  John Y, Kenny Chan

Screenplay:  John Y, Lim Tiong Wooi, Jeremy Tan

Cinematographer:  Wong Tak Fung

Editor:  Loo Chean Hoong

Music Composer:  David Koon

Principal Cast:  John Y, Lo Koon Lan, Hiro Hayama, Wilson Lee, Ruby Yap, Joa James, Yunn Ru

Dates & Times: October 28, 2017 4:00 PM

Followed by Q&A

Plays In:  ArcLight Cinemas - Culver City

Eventbrite - Million Loves In Me