My Murderer


A young detective has little time to reveal a seemingly simple murder case. The investigation unravels into a dangerous journey into the world of illegal mining and trafficking of gold-- a world ruled by money and life has little value. Will the case remain as clear as it seemed at first sight? Will your experience be enough, and old friends stay faithful or will love become a reliable refuge? There is no black and white in this film. There are only circumstances that change every minute. 


Genre: Thriller

Country: Yakutya, Russia

Year: 2016

Duration: 105

Director: Kostas Marsan 

Language: Russian, Sakha

Subtitles: English

Producer: Marianna Skrybykina 

Screenplay: Svetlana Taayko, Maria Nakhodkina, Konstantin Danilov 

Cinematographer: Iskander Ivanov 

Art Director: Ekaterina Shaposhnikova 

Editor: Konstantin Danilov

Sound: Sergei Ivanov 

Music: Nikolai Mikheyev 

Cast: Vyacheslav Lavernov, Galina Tikhonova, Stepan Fedorenko, Fedot Lvov and others


KOSTAS MARSAN (KONSTANTIN DANILOV) Was born in 1976 in Berdigestyakh, Yakutia. In 1998 graduated from History Department of Yakutsk State University, majoring in history and politics. In 2005 graduated from Higher Courses of Scriptwriters and Film Directors in Moscow as a director (A. Surikova and V. Fokin workshop). Worked as a program director at VGTRK Federal Broadcaster in Yakutsk, and Sakha National Broadcasting Company. Since 2012 has been working as a director, editing director, scriptwriter at ART Doydu Company.