Road to the sky


The year is 1938 and in China, war is raging with Japan. China’s supply lines have been cut; and a new supply road from Burma to Kunming is China’s only hope of survival.  Wang, an engineering student from Beijing, is sent by the Central Government to the rustic world of southwest China to seek the cooperation of villagers in the building of this lifeline. What Wang discovers in this rural area is terrain that is virtually impossible to cross and full of bandits, an absence of young men to assist, and two rival villages he must somehow have agree to cooperate on road construction.  With nothing less than the future of China itself in the balance, success is the only option.


Genre: Period drama

Country: China

Year: 2015

Duration: 102 mins

Director: Yi Wang   (surname is Wang)

Languages: Mandarin Chinese

Subtitles: English

Producers: Qin He, Lucas Oliver-Frost, Zhenping Ye, Haicheng Zhao

Screenplay: Dedong Li

Cinematographer: Yi Wang

Editors: Xing Liu David Allen

Sound: Hongqun Zhang

Principal cast: Johnny Kou, Bo-Chieh Wang, Xiaoxiao Liu, Shan Yi, Siang Chong Jin