Steppe games


Somewhere in the Great Steppes a young warrior dies of his wounds after a battle. After his death, the warrior's horse is takes the road to their home place. It covers a long way to bear the family news of their son's death. In the second story, Baatar, a Russian army demobee, comes home to the steppes, where he finds out, that his girlfriend is getting married to another man. Baatar tries to talk to the girl, but her brothers prevent their meeting and beat him. Later Baatar provokes and fights a Khural deputy he meets in the Steppes by chance. The deputy calls the police and, to make his revenge even worse, he shoots Baatar's horse down.The third story hero is Purbe, a veteran of the Chechen war who was a trooper and cannot find his place in the world missing his days in the army. A splinter disfigured his leg; he is no longer able to have children after he got wounded. He drinks a lot and then, becoming desperate of his life, he hangs himself on his horse's bridle.


Genre: Drama

Country: Russia (Buryatia)

Year: 2014

Director: Bair Dyshenov

Screenplay: Bair Dyshenov

Director of Photography: Gleb Stepanov

Composer: Battulga Galmandakh

Sound: Igor Gubarev

Editor: Bair Dyshenov, Egor Belskikh

Leading Actors: Solbon Endonov, Bayarma Boboeva, Chimit Dondokov, Bilikto Dambaev, Zhargal Lodoev, Oksana Lodoeva, Erdeny Zhaltsanov