Talakjung vs. Tulke


Tulké – a simpleton day-laborer in a Nepalese mountain village –struggles to reclaim his lost aristocratic identity while a violent revolution disrupts every aspect of village life. Humiliated everyday by everybody around him, Tulké desperately seeks recognition and respect. Instead, he is falsely accused by the woman he loves and forced to flee from his ancestral village. When the city corrupts him and teaches him how the treacherous accumulate and wield power, he returns to his village to avenge himself against people who have wronged him and his family. He becomes a lackey to the revolutionaries in the village, and because he refuses to wrong those he loves, finds himself ensnared in a web of deception and violence, leading to a tragic conclusion for everybody.


Genre: Drama/Thriller/War

Country: Nepal 

Year: 2014  

Duration: 110 Mins

Director: Nischal Basnet    

Language(s): Nepali  

Subtitles: English 

Producer: Rabindra Singh Baniya 

Screenplay: Khagendra Lammichane      

Cinematographer: Sher Bahadur Lama    

Editor: Lokesh Bajracharya    

Sound: Utham Naupane 

Principal  Cast: Khagendra Lammichane, Sushank Mainali, Richa Sharma, Rabindra Singh Baniya, Daya Hang Rai