Thief of the mind 


This movie is an action movie based on true story of B. Gansukh whose nickname is ’90 million’ that has shocked the whole nation by deceiving the President of Mongolia in 1994. The idea of making this movie first came to producer, Amarsaikhan, when he watched a testimony video of Gansukhon YouTube. In true story, Gansukh heard an interesting talk about the Mongolian unique rare findings that are brought to America by Roy Chapman Andrews, who is an American explorer and naturalist, in the earliest of 20th century, from two old scientists talk. He found an incredible idea to bring back these findings in Mongolia, and sought for finance. But accidently, Gansukh met the President of Mongolia and got 90 million tugriks, which is billions of tugriks in nowadays rate. At the time, when 24-year old guy was doing things seemed right to his sight, but he did not know his unimaginable luxurious life will quickly change into a cold maximum security prison life. He became a Christian in prison and established the first Christian church and library there. After 14 years, in 2008, he released from prison and from that time he became member of ‘Living word’ church, which is a biggest Christian church in Mongolia.


Genre: Action

Country: Mongolia

Year: 2012

Duration: 120min

Director: Sengedorj.J

Language(s): Mongolian 

Subtitles: English

Producer: Amarsaikhan.B

Screenplay: Turmunkh.D

Cinematographer: Angarag.D

Editor: Battuvshin

Sound: Oki /Odbayar/

Principal: Amarsaikhan.B

Cast: Amarsaikhan.B