Under Heaven


Under Heaven, written and directed by Dalmira Tilepbergen, is a modern day re-working of the biblical tale of Cain and Abel, set in a remote mountain village in Central Asia. Two brothers, rebellious Kerim and conscientious Aman, live with their mother and work at the family stonemason business. Their father has been forced to work away in Russia in order to pay off Kerim's debts, incurred as a result of his eldest son's drug dealing activities.  The brothers both fall for a local village girl, Saltanat, which ultimately leads to a bitter dispute and unforeseen and tragic consequences...


Genre: Drama

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Year: 2015

Duration: 88 min

Director: Dalmira Tilepbergen

Languages: Kyrgyz

Subtitles: English 

Producers: Gulmira Kerimova

Studio: Kyrgyzfilm

Screenplay: Dalmira Tilepbergen

Cinematographer:  Akzhol Bekbolotov

Editors: Eldiyar Madakim 

Sound: Emil Kenzhekulov

Principal cast: Anvar Osmonaliev, Nurjigit Kanaev, Munara Dooronbekova, Taalaikan 

Abazova, Asan Amanov